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    1- Regulating and doing are two VERY different things. Even in the examples where the government “did” something, it was almost invariably by contracting a private company who actually knows what the fuck they’re doing. There’s a very good reason nobody uses the goddamn US postal service, kid. 2- Actual Socialism is nothing more that government-sponsored (fake) class warfare where the government uses populist propaganda in order to seize all power while they pretend to care about “the poor”. And their idea of caring about the poor is to ensure they will be forever poor, but they’ll be happy to… Read more »


    “Socialist programs have never been (and will never be) about helping the poor.”

    America has far far worse social mobility than most ‘socialist’ European countries.


    based on….? opinion ..fact… experience


    Real measurable statistics, go Google it. I can’t be arsed to educate you, that’s what public schools are for.


    And I live in one now… Denmark. You’re comparing oranges and apples, socialist governments are only as good as the men that place themselves under that broad term and ideal. Governments and parliaments can be corrupt and abusive under any label of government but it doesn’t mean that the political ideals themselves are corrupt – only that men are. By the “World Happiness Report, we continue to be placed in the top 3 for the last 10 years and at no.1 for the last 2 years of 155 countries with the most happiest and satisfied citizenry in the world. Report… Read more »

    Falbert Forester

    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a.k.a North Korea) is a prime example of how a government can call itself Democratic, Socialist, Communist, or Monarchist, and yet not actually embody any of those. The proof is in the daily lives of the people. And while I think there are a lot of good things about the U.S.A., caring for our people and especially our poor is not one of the bright spots. Spend, spend, spend; buy, buy, buy, and ‘oh too bad, sweep them under the rug’ for those in poverty seems to be the dominant social message in the… Read more »


    And we all know that capitalism is all about helping the poor.
    Sure it is, really.


    I find many Conservatives are anti-social.
    They don’t like sharing and don’t play well with others.
    We consider this bad behavior in children, why do we accept it in adults….?


    At a party meeting, a Communist party officer is drilling a local worker. He asks him: “Comrade, if you had two houses, would you give one to the Communist Party?” The worker responds “Yes, definitely, comrade, I would give one of my houses to the party!” Then he asks “Comrade, if you had two cars, would you give one to the party?” Again, the worker says, “Yes, I would give one of my cars to the party!” Finally, the officer asks, “If you had two shirts, would you give one to the party?” The worker thinks about this for a… Read more »


    Differences between communism and socialisim – read about it.


    did socialism ask me a question


    Socialism wants to know if you want to go out to dinner.

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