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    Don’t care whether it’s good or crap, Apple can’t have any of my money… they can fuck right off.


    Well-done fake ad, down to the font and overall feel. An OS update making a product waterproof? Oy.


    Lols I didn’t even read enough to notice the waterproofing stuff.


    i updated my pad with that 7 garbage up date, and now i have to enter my itunes password every fucking time i use an app, even old ones, and my battery life goes from 100 to fucking 0 in about an hour, even with the cover closed. the icons are giant cartoons, and i cant get my bookmarks to go away, theyre constantly displayed. its shit, i tell ya.


    why would you assholes down vote this? its what happened to ME. you cant have an opinion on what I experienced. it’s MY experience. its fucking fact. ill never figure you fuckers out. youre just weird.


    you are the easiest trollbait on the internet


    But I thought, “It just works.”, or something was the watchword, and Apple is totally Innovative-Jesus, and shit…

    Was I lied to, or did they potato(e)?


    Because when the American workforce could really benefit from some 30,000+ Apple jobs given to the Chinese and now another 200 (mostly) senior job openings that appeared on LinkedIn-China last month – we really can’t be crying crocodile tears for you and your Apple goon brothers about your overpriced Chinese shit.


    this is a joke? 😐

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