Everyone Hates Obama

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    and the alternative would have been better? 😐


    By your logic, one should eat shit and be okay with it if it’s the only thing on the menu in a restaurant.

    Just because the alternatives are worse, doesn’t mean he’s not terrible. For example, getting kicked repeatedly in the balls is very bad, but it’s not as bad as having a dog chew on them.


    i’m saying that when your choice is shit, or shit, piss, vomit. blood and pus mixed together, be thankful for shit.


    But Obama is shit, piss, vomit, blood and pus from a late stage terminal AIDS patient. No one could be worse. Not possible. We could pick anyone from any phone-book or use any other method of selecting someone at random and we would be better off than we are with the current stuttering clusterfuck we now have.


    You’re correct… the alternative would have been having a dog chew on them.


    You all know, There where more than to options right?


    i know that: i voted for jill stein… but there were two realistic choices, both of them bad, and what we got was the lesser of two evils… by a long shit shot…


    I get you. But, as long as the majority people believe that they only have one of two “realistic” choices’ we’ll be stuck in this shit storm for ever… I think if people got off their asses and voted for the person who really represents them… Not, I believe what my supposed party major party leader says… We’d make some real progress.


    as i said, i voted for jill stein… if enough people realise that they have more than two “realistic” choices, we’ll throw the whole lot of the bastards out on their tails.


    Same as Bush.Militaristic,incompetent,stupid.But his main problem at this point is no one in the entire world respects him(or fears him for that matter). And no,there ids no better alternative.


    Why is it necessary that people should fear America?


    Are you the only person in the whole internet who never saw Team America: World Police?

    Only a dick can fuck an asshole. And the world is full of assholes just waiting for the dick to go to sleep so they can shit on everything.

    And no, the peace-y/love-y hippie crap doesn’t work. Assholes are assholes because they never found a dick to fuck them up while they were growing up. The idea that the world is full of tyrannical dictators because of the US is nonsense. It’s in the nature of third-world politics that only the worst scum will ever reach and maintain power, and the US didn’t create that scum, at worst, they just changed scum that didn’t like the US for scum that did. And the only thing that can possibly keep that scum from forgoing the pretense of democracy and outright enslaving their population is the fear of the US.


    Really? I’ve lived and worked abroad for 22 years.
    I’m a Marine vet and tend to lean to the right… I have to say that so that I’m not lumped together as some Liberal-America hating, Obama worshiper.

    I work in the broadcast/media field and my job takes me all over Europe and beyond… let me assure you, this guy is still very well respected and he still carries a lot of clout… not like the last clown. No one’s throwing shoes at Obama or wants to. I have my ear to the grind, it’s rare to find a bad word spoken about him – even in the Middle-East.
    I understand what you’re trying to say but the reality is – this is just wishful thinking on your part and it’s not like I wish it weren’t so.

    You need to get out and travel more…


    “You need to get out and travel more…”


    Fucking… THIS!


    Pull you lips off Obama’s butt long enough to listen to what is really happening. The world has lost almost all respect for Obama because they can see what a useless amateur he is.


    Has there EVER been a president who was as popular in his second term as his first?

    Assuming of course they even made it to a second term –


    Not too many presidents have done this much damage to a population of people who have yet to realize it.


    Sorry, but all you limp-dick obama worshipers need to at least read the affordable care act.

    Let me ask again, why are only obama, congress, and the unions exempt?

    As a famous book that the obama chode smokers probably didn’t read states, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    You obama chudfucks probably just need to travel more and put your “ear to the grind,” faggot.


    You seem to think that reading animal farm in high school gives you some amazing political insight.

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