they are senior citizens now

they_are_senior_citizens_now.jpg (93 KB)

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    They’re likely dead from lung cancer…..


    So you have no frame of reference here, gropegrope. You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know…


    It was just a comment on the fact that many members of my parent’s generation began chainsmoking in their early teens because it was the cool thing to do (kinda the theme I get from the pic…)
    While the cigarette companies made every effort to hide the research that smoking was a major cause of cancer.
    Sadly, many of them never made it to become senior citizens.
    What do you see in that pic Anon…..?


    Three Guys Smoking


    So no context?
    No frame of reference?
    No thought to the cultural meaning?
    Not even a consideration of the title?

    I guess that’s one way to approach life.


    get a grip grope


    I’d rather not make assumptions, I leave that to people like you….hey gropegrope theres another conclusion over there, get ready to jump.


    They are Rush if I am not mistaken and they are still “very much alive.”