windows evolution

windows evolution.jpg

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    98 actually looks like a really nice minimalist hunting lodge/shack/cabin.

    tiki god

    98se was the shit yo


    Awesome. I LOL’d at the end.


    once again, they forgot to include Microsoft Bob® and Microsoft WindowsME®…

    but it’s just as well, because both of them sucked as well.


    But ME was the best OS for thrillseekers! Will that file copy…or will the entire folder it was in be deleted? What happens if I plug in two P&P devices at once? …better yet, unplug one while plugging another one in!


    XP is vastly overrated by people. It’s held together with duct tape.


    @... absent, Are you smoking crack as you post your thoughts? XP was the most stable OS that MS released since 98. You can safely call every OS they released between 98 and XP pure shit and be dead on accurate. I personally ran 98 until I got a XP (Media Center Edition) machine, and ran it, quite happily until the power supply on my machine went out and fried the motherboard in the process. From that machine I directly upgraded to win 7, and will not be upgrading it until something better than Win 8 is released. XP was… Read more »


    I agree with this, if you’re talking about SP2, and I say that as a Unix junkie with no love of Microsoft. Asside from maybe Excel, I would call XP (patched) Microsoft’s only really great technical achievement that genuinely offered something from a purely softwareish point of view. Now, I’ve never understood the love for Windows 7, aside from being marginally better than Vista. It’s pretty much Vista with a little more shine, and still an unstable resource hog. If you ignore GUI, I would say it’s significantly worse than Windows 8, which is actually pretty stable for MS. Of… Read more »

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