Don’t Mess With Texas

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    Perfect Pic, Texas is about as tough a My Little Pony. Producing such fine leader as George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz. Let’s pick on women and their reproductive rights, big tough men. Let’s run away and become our own country because we refuse to help make the United States a better country when things don’t go our way or our man isn’t the POTUS. Boo Hoo Hoo. The drought in Texas should be over with all the crying the Replublicans do.


    You mad bro?


    my goodness…such attitude from someone on the left…seeing as there are so many others in texas and you acting like such an ass about things…well…I guess the left really isn’t so touchy-feely eh? not so concerned about shit holes like detroit, chicago or baltimore? sure… many folks on the left hate texas, but we have noted a rather large amount of folks coming from those cities and others that actually WANT to work…something that I guess regular left-nuts don’t wanna do…all I gotta ask is this…how many jobs has that fuck-tard in the white house made that didn’t involve the… Read more »


    Congratulations on that non-argument. People in blue states don’t want to work? You’ve been drinking the faux news kool-aid for far too long. Blaming Texas for the faults of four politicians is silly, but so is comparing job creation numbers instead of total economic indicators (in which Obama utterly schools Bush jr.). Texas has spent a century fostering a ridiculous chest-thumping persona, don’t start pouting and crying to your mommy when people call them out on it.


    Gotta giggle at the right wingers. Bush crashes the economy in 2007 and then the reds bitch that the guy after has less than stellar job creation. I guess six years is too long for conservative memories.

    Why are there no boobs ?