What the British say vs. What the British mean

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    Ah yes, two Peoples separated by a “Common Language”. Kind of like when a Southern woman looks at you and says “Well Bless your Heart”.


    That was my grandmother’s code-phrase for “You’re damn-near retarded, aren’t you?”


    I found this post very interesting.


    A lot of this is conveyed in tone, though. Which renders some of this pretty much pointless. Like if I were to say “Yeah, I’m sure you know what you’re doing,” am I being sincere, or sarcastic? It’s all in the voice.

    Just saying.


    The tone used is a polite one, it’s not sarcastic. If you live in New Zealand, Australia and (i’m guessing) Canada, you know exactly what being said.


    Like a lot of Commonwealthy things, some of those work in Canada, some don’t, some only work in rural areas where there’s often still more of a British feel to how people speak (ie I’m in a little town of 2000 people right now, and there’s a real Scottish sound up here). We’re always in some weird middle zone when it comes to that stuff, usually leaning a bit more towards the American.