Anonymous uploads: working; Author Pages: working; Next up: Squared Theme gets a facelift

To recap:
Anonymous upload are in the sidebar now, you can even view all the ones that are pending. It’s nearly instantaneous, so if you uploaded something and don’t see it on the link, something got borked.

Author pages now show all posts that you’ve ever submitted, even if they got rejected. This does not include the NSFW content, as that’s deleted outright. It also includes content that’s been submitted but not published yet, which is pretty cool if I say so myself.

Also, I’ve added an Author profile image in the title bar of each post, so it’s a little more clear who has written that particular post. I plan on having an RSS feed for each user’s posts too, that’ll be up soon.

Next up:

Squared theme isn’t working the way I want it to, which is to show ALL images in a post all at once. Also, the searching / tags / category pages are broken, so I need to fix those as well.

In the forums, I’m keeping a running tally of what I had to eat for lunch, it’s pretty interesting stuff.

Any other suggestions or comments on the site?

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    it wont work for 1000 images, what the shit?