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    folks are gonna downvote this, or talk negatively about this….and the hilarity of it all is that they voted for BHO because he preached an open presidency or that he said that he wouldn’t do the things that Bush did. And yet…here we are. and many folk who voted for this moron are still drinking the kool-aid in sufficient quantity to think that these are merely motivational tools of the right to try to bring down the greatness of this man. fuck that. this dude is a tool, just like all the other tools that have resided in the white… Read more »


    But he was the lesser of two tools 😛
    Seriously though, anyone ranting about Obama should instead be ranting about the fact that the Republican party has put up shameful opponents to him in the last two elections.

    On the topic of the post, it’s about what is/was legal at the time, and who is doing the tapping at whose orders. Privacy laws in the U.S. are a joke at the moment, but until the public stop voting entirely based on what they think will affect their wallets, nothing is going to change.




    the hilarity is Bush started it , but no one wants to admit it


    “Explain This Shit”
    Skin color ?
    Too brainwashed\dead to care ?


    Because it all started way before he came into office?

    I wish he had done more to bring the nsa under control, and I wish the response of his executive branch was more reasonable wen it comes to these leaks, but anyone who was paying attention knew about this stuff 10 or 15 years ago. Its not like Obama personally ordered [or had anything to do with] the construction of the SA surveillance infrastructure.

    example en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_641A


    Now now, conservatives HATE it when you point out that something they don’t like was actually created by Bush.


    Welp it started under bush, you are never going to see a president give up a section of power once he gets it. Also it wasn’t wiretapping.


    Also ron paul is still a douchebag.


    False. Nixon did not wiretap a hotel room. He wasn’t even involved. What he did was cover it up and obstruct the investigation. Likewise, it was the NSA, not Obama, who is monitoring who people call on their phones (not wiretapping). At least use the facts that exist to make your argument, whomever made this.


    Facts have never stood in the way of a good old political witch hunt…


    Nixon wiretapped his office, not a hotel room. He had the hotel room burglarized and covered it up.

    It’s funny, I’ll give it that, but really, if you keep reworking history to fit your narrative, it really doesn’t work. Certainly not for those of us who lived it.

    And yes, Bush (II) certainly had this in place before BHO took office. BHO is simply the guy that got caught with it.


    if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear.


    Tell that to people who have made flippant, joking remarks on social media sites about doing things like shooting people or blowing something up, and have ended up in jail.


    Blaming Bush for Obama’s actions. I think you guys are really onto something. Be sure to use it often before it grows stall and people begin to think that maybe President Obama is responsible for his own actions. Good thing Bush never jumped off a bridge otherwise we would be scraping Obama off the rocks.


    Yeah I mean we all know President Obama authorized the invasion of Iraq, and was in charge when the financial crisis happened…
    Your revisionist history fails due to facts.


    only those who have something to hide are afraid of being caught. down vote this all you want you fools. it won’t make it not true.


    caught at what? living my life? why do I need to be strip searched because of what you might do?


    Must be nice to agree with everything the government has ever done or ever will do. That must come with an enormous feeling of peace.

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