August LootCrate


so this month wasn’t complete shit, there was a cool shirt, and the zombie guy was nice, though I gave him away to someone that would appreciate it more than I. The rest of it was pretty much filler, there was a Aperature vacuum belt, a 80’s press on temporary tattoo, which I almost got excited about thinking it was a vinyl sticker for my car, and then some other loot crate themed crap.

The shirt was nice though. Not work $40, but nice enough to make me think next month won’t suck donkey dick like July’s box did.

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    why do you continue this madness? i can absolutely confirm from a retail standpoint, that you are paying to be used.
    1. you are helping to clear the store of crap that they will not have to spend man hours listing on ebay or amazon, because they made a bad inventory choice.
    2. they can now remove their clearance bin to make room for stuff that actually sells. (every inch of floor space is precious)
    3. they are saving a ton on shipping, because they can bundle literally anything they want, using the cheapest boxes they can find, and make it tip a single ounce over the last threshold, charging you more, but not sending you enough product to actually make that shipping cost worth it.
    Please send me $20, and I promise to send you shit that you will dislike as well, if not more.

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