What the fuck is wrong with the New Lobo?

Here’s the original lovable lobo:


And here’s the new one:


I can honestly say that I’m very happy I stopped reading DC comics wit this kind of stupidity going on over there.

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    There’s only one Main Man and that skinny little emo fucknugget ain’t it.


    Uh… That’s not the original Lobo.

    This is the “original lovable” Lobo…


    His hair and body type resemble the Kenneth Rocafort version much more than the top version.


    So…Lobo went from Ziggy Stardust’s David Bowie, to Kiss’ Gene Simmons, to…one of those One Direction kids?

    tiki god

    ok, pedantic one, he was that way for ONE series. then for the next 30 years, he was a massive muscular cunt killer.


    Yeah dude, if you’re gonna bitch, at least know what you’re bitching about. Lobo wasn’t always the dude you think he is… but it’s apparent that you ain’t much fer lernin.


    Now here comes me being okay with the New 52 design… Man I’m such a bastard


    I thought Sword-chucks was insane…but is that a gun-chuck-scythe?


    I think all of his weapons are displayed around him, and hes holding the sword, and his guns in his holster.
    If anyone saw the other designs, they picked the worst one possible.
    in memoriam


    I would like the Bowie look more than this one. But the space biker was the perfect Lobo. This guys seems to mainstream space assassin…He looks to smart for the Lobo I have come to love.