The friendly face of islam


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    I’m pretty sure I’ve had exactly the same comments sent my way when I’d posted accidental death and suicide statistics on a pro gun thread.


    Yeah, this is like showing the WBC to represent all of Christianity.


    these people represent “islam” in exactly the same way that the westboro baptist church represents “christianity”… i.e. in exactly the opposite way that muhammed or yeshua ben miriam would represent them.


    That’s not entirely true. There are countries where this sort of attitude is close enough to mainstream that nobody bats an eyelid, and prominent figures that wield significant power support these views. The WBC are decried by pretty much everybody.


    Not me. I think the WBC is a great force for furthering secularism and the death of religion.


    to some of us WBC represents the christians just fine,at least their ignorance is in the open


    except there are only 30-40 wbc members(and losing more everyday), there are millions of fundamentalist muslims


    1. Put them religious types all together.
    2. ???
    3. Let God sort them out.
    4. Mop-up the rest.
    5. Profit.


    The friendly face of Christianity.



    The Friendly Face Of Islam


    “Islam encourages respect for all faiths, beliefs and opinions” “Islam encourages intellectual struggle against such perverse ideologies as… atheism”. Pick one, you can’t respect a belief and call it perverse at the same time. They kind of skipped the part where the Qu’ran teaches that the punishment for leaving Islam is death… is that respecting one’s beliefs?


    Aren’t all religions like that…?
    Jesus preaches love they neighbor, but I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of Jesus churches preaching the exact opposite when their neighbors are muslim, homosexual or democrat…..


    All religions are contradictory if you take into account all of their texts produced over hundreds or thousands of years by numerous authors claiming to write the true word of god. But it’s all supposedly the word of god so people can pick and choose and ignore and still claim they’re preaching the word of god.

    Basically it’s all bollocks, but it’s such old bollocks that the fact it’s bollocks has been lost in time.


    The reason Scientology is considered bollocks as a religion is that it’s pretty new and we have good enough record keeping to remember that it was made up by a science fiction writer who was writing bollocks.


    loool same guy wrote all the signs, same hand writing. Check the letter S. just sayin


    They are bad because the Abrahamic religions are each bad. Sure. And these are also bad men because they are black. (I’m kidding about both)