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    How stupid could you be to throw up the box full with roaches ,i can understand shes scared,but why to fuck with logic so bad?! Put back the cover stupid.

    some random idiot

    I love how she flips the box over in a fit of mindless panic covering herself with roaches. Priceless.


    I call bullshit. If you have a box full of large insects crawling over each other sitting on your lap, you will not think it is a box of chocolates, because boxes of chocolates rarely, if ever, feel the same as a box of large moving insects. This is reinforced by the fact that though you might be startled by finding a box of chocolates is in fact a box of cockroaches, instinctively you would not throw the box up in the air. If you were in the kitchen you might just drop the box, but in a car you… Read more »