Ben Affleck Is the New Batman


The actor will replace Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming untitled Superman-Batman feature for Warner Bros., the studio announced Thursday.

So how do you like THEM apples? (this IS the guy that wrote that movie, right?)

Also, he was daredevil.

Thoughts on this news? Think he’ll rock it like “Sum of All Fears” or dump it like he apparently did with “Daredevil”? I, of course, loved Daredevil…

via Ben Affleck Is the New Batman.

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    Two thumbs way down!


    I’m with you, Tiki. I really like DD, the Director’s cut, not the theatrical one. I think he’ll do fine. And maybe we can finally get rid of the batman “I-gargle-gin-and-razorblades” voice.

    My only concern is that Snyder will screw up the character like he did Superman. Didn’t like Man of Steel at all :\

    tiki god

    The best part of Man of Steel was the Krypton scene at the beginning. I think I could watch an entire movie of just that story.


    that was the best scene? haven’t we seen that shit 1,000 times already? we finally see kal el FIGHT a balls out, heat vision to the face, “here! have a building!”, demolition free for all fight that superman deserves, that WE deserve, and you liked krypton the best? for real tiki? idk man…


    Superman movies suck. Batman movies have a decent chance to be good. So, as usual, it comes down to the villains. Good writing for and great acting from the villains, and it’ll be good.


    I dunno.
    Kinda hard to look at Ben Affleck in a Batsuit and not see Ben Affleck in a Batsuit.
    Don’t really see him becoming Batman….




    I liked Daredevil by according to an interview Ben gave he didn’t like doing it and that is why he didn’t do the sequel.

    This leaves me less than hopeful about the Superman/Batman flic.


    Dude, Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.


    I’m okay with this… but if he fucks up he won’t be as bad as Clooney as batman


    Affleck will always be Fred O’Bannion, the asshole from Dazed & Confused, to me. Fuck that guy. Now I have to hate Batman? Damn it!


    This is going to be so bad.

    I do hope I’m wrong.


    what do you mean “Think he’ll rock it like “Sum of All Fears””

    That film was a disaster and he was awful in it, you picked an example of Affleck totally destroying a movie series. Doesn’t bode well.

    tiki god

    I believe my point was that he doesn’t have good movies.

    Thought you’re wrong about SoaF, the movie was awesome.


    It’ll be the Gili of comicbook films.




    Will Matt Damon be Robin???

    That could totally work.


    It’s ok I guess, and just like the other guy said as long as they don’t do the throat cancer voice and wayne is not moping around like an emo kid I’m ok with it.


    Affleck found his true Hollywood voice as a director, and he really should keep to that. He makes outstanding films. I know he’s one of those few Hollywood nerds that have come out of the closet, hell, Kevin Smith is one of his close friends, but he didn’t do the dark and brooding hero so well in Daredevil. Now he’s going to be playing a Daredevil that can see. Not optimistic about it, but I have been wrong before. As long as it’s not Iron Man 3, where they do alot of buildup on something, then kick you in the balls and take your dignity half way through the movie.

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