police arrest


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    twice an asshole… first on the grab, then on the put down.


    That faceplant probalby hurt. But I give it 3 stars, because I lold.


    If she had done what the cop asked for in the first place, none of that would have happened that way. Besides, the faceplant looks somehwhat of an accident.


    Let’s see….the cop puts his knee to her midsection and then elbows her in the back of the neck…..
    No accident there.


    Upon closer inspection of the gif, I do see now that it was infact a “takedown.” Now I’m interested in seeing the entire video. With the shit I’ve seen some people spew at cops, he may have been well within his rights to be that rough. If a cop asks you to do something, it’s usually a good idea to go along with it and call him a fat cock to his face later.


    What makes you think she needed to obey the direction of the police officer? We are free people not serfs. Agents of the State do not get tell us what to do just because they say so.


    fuck you statist scumbag. no pig has power over us.


    Undereducated asshole with a stick to serve and protect


    Yeah, funny how people are always having “accidents” around cops.


    they do say the best way to avoid “accidents” is to stand feet more than shoulder width apart, hands planted firmly on a solid object just far enough in front of you to provide about a 30 degree angle that way gravity can hold you in place. then you can be assured your day will be accident free 🙂


    let me guess. the wild, brutal cops in the harecore city of toronto…LOLZ

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