The Eiffel tower in history



…damm, those were the days

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    And five years later he shoots himself in a bunker and his friends burn his body to keep it from being desecrated. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned.


    “…he shoots himself in a bunker and his friends burn his body…”
    IIRC, that’s still a matter of discussion.


    He should have left Russia alone for one more year and in the mean while pull another Fallshirmjager (Air Assault) on Malta as they had already done in Crete. If Malta had been taken Rommel’s supplies would have been comparable to the English and he would have taken all of North Africa and the Middle East.. The oil would have started to flow back… or the combined English and US fleets would have blown it all up and maybe that”s why no one gives a shit about Africa Rommel you idiot!


    All frustrated artists find themselves in Paris eventually.


    ha ha, we win.