Ultra Gay wedding



…see this is why we need to ban that crap, I can barely find myself one girlfriend

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    5 stars for the picture, ½ a star for the OP… 😐


    Half approve. To approve in full, need to see the other chick.


    OP reminds me of an editorial I once read seriously condemning polyamorous relationships on the grounds that they meant that a small pool of men would be “using up” all the women, depriving other men of them. Besides the ludicrous logic and the writer’s obvious inferiority complex, I had to laugh at it because 90% of the poly groups I know of personally are either equal numbers of both sexes, or two guys and one woman. Hint, OP and editorial writer: if you don’t have a girlfriend, it ain’t because the big boys or the nasty lesbians are stealing them… Read more »


    i’m married, and can get it whenever i want… right now seems like a good time…