When someone complains about their student debt or car loan

When someone complains about their student debt or car loan.jpg

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    Or just pretend you haven’t borrowed any money and borrow even more money, then tank the whole world economy. Right, USA?


    new wall street logo?


    Well said baby.


    Well, there’s a little bit of a difference with student loans. You haven’t even entered the world yet, and you are having papers shoved in your face at 17-18 and being told “if you want to ever do anything, you have to sign this”. It’s actually predatory at best.


    Paying back the loan is not the problem.. its the variable interest rates that kill you.


    In their defence the job market is shit and student loans earn a buttload of interest


    Although I agree that someone that gets a degree in something that has no real-world applications e.g. women’s studies, and then complains how they don’t have a job only has them-self to blame.


    I’ve never understood people spending buttloads of money on cars. Even a $40,000 car is effectively costing you ~$2000/year in lost potential interest even before factoring in maintenance, and if you’re buying it on credit you’re FAR worse off.