religion vs drugs

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    That happen a lot? People pushing their religion on you? On anyone? I mean past the simple existence of people who believe is there a lot of pushing going on? Knocking on doors? Stopping you in the middle of the street? Randomly praying for you out of the blue?

    I’m thinking not.

    tiki god

    some of us live in Morman areas.

    Lots of missionary work, going from door to door.


    “Knocking on doors?”
    Does doorbell counts ?

    “Stopping you in the middle of the street?”
    Yep, a man and a woman tandem. I think I still got the copy of “Watchtower” issue they gave me, after a couple of minutes of talk.


    this is brilliant, don’t know why I never thought of it, we had some of the overly pushy,song singing pamphlet holders that used to set up outside the base on the street everyone used to get to the bars. one night as me and a buddy are walking past he tells me watch this, as we got near them and one stepped out with an already out stretched pamphlet in hand saying “have you met”…that’s as far as he got when my friend looked him in the eye and said……”I’m jewish”. the guy pulled the booklet back as if he… Read more »


    These people who approach you on the street or knock on your door are almost all Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve never had a Mormon team approach me before, but if I did I think I’d probably say, No, thank you; I’m not interested. There’s really no need to get defensive about the encounter. I’ve never had anyone who wished to discuss religion with me before to be rude and/or fail to move on when I told them politely enough that I’d rather not discuss anything of their religious faith.

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