Dr. Sanjay Gupta publicly apologises for being so WRONG about medical cannabis


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    How can an educated person…especially one writing on the subject….ignore decades of evidence….?
    Good that he’s come around, but seriously, the evidence that pot is not addictive, that it could be a major help in pain relief, that it shrinks some kinds of tumors….that evidence has been available for decades….


    I’m not sure how this “not addictive” myth has been perpetuated, but the studies say otherwise.


    Not chemically addictive. Like cigarettes or other drugs.
    Any behavior can be addictive, but that doesn’t mean a behavior can be classified as addictive.

    Luke Magnifico

    Which studies?


    Yes, actually chemically addictive. Type “marijuana addiction study” into Google or Google scholar.


    The studies that confirmed marijuana’s addictive properties involved very high doses over long periods.
    Almost the equivalent of being continually stoned over a period of months.
    Even at that, its withdrawal effects were much less than comparable drugs.
    At “average uses” (weekly or twice weekly) there was no addictive effect.
    So is pot addictive…?
    I guess, if you use it twice a day.
    Otherwise, not….


    Every pothead I ever knew was effectively “continually stoned”. One guy woke up…hit the bong, lunch break…shared a joint with his work buddies, got home…might as well finish off what was left in the bong from the morning, next day…repeat.


    how about , hypothetically of course, smoking an ounce or so a week for approximately 16 years and then being without for over a month with no side affects whatsoever ? an ounce breaking up for the average user into 28-30 joints

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