did not use algrbra once

did not use algrbra once.jpg

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    Professor Ratbaggy

    Well I use it every time I play guitar, or modify a recipe, or need to work out which size packet of coffee is better value in the supermarket this week, or work out how much longer I can put off filling the car petrol tank.  Mostly, I use it without even thinking about it;  but then that’s how you know you’ve learnt something well enough to assimilate it into your thinking.


    doesn’t come up alot in her kitchen


    Me too! I’m so glad I have this liberal arts degree!


    I use it every day for my job in finance, and I’m pretty happpy, so I’m glad most people take the attitude that algebra is useless and difficult because it means I get paid more.

    Of course, I use computers every day, which were programmed by programmers, and 99.999% of programming is pretty much algebra, but that shit is useles am I right?

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