Gun Range Results

glock shots 8-8-2013


Was finally able to get out to the range today and shot some paper, pretty much obliterated the red, though I was only 15 feet away.

Looking forward to trying out the 100 meter range with my saiga.

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    This little guy? I wouldn’t worry about this little guy.


    I’m not trying to be a dick, but that is some god awful grouping. and at 15 feet away? oh boy

    tiki god

    that’s like 100 rounds there though.

    I was also standing on my head for a few of them.


    What is Tiki’s weapon of choice?


    looks like a 22 from here , wild guess I’d say ruger

    tiki god

    Glock 17 and a Rock Island Armory 1911, both chambered in 9mm. To put the image size in perspective, that’s a 20 inch target on there.


    lol….15 feet? How the hell did you hit anywhere BUT the red in the center?


    It’s tiki. He was sober.