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    cannot read without hearing his voice


    You can’t prove dinosaurs and humans didn’t live together.


    You can’t prove you exist, either, but the theory you accept in your own believe system should either be the most statistically likely or you should openly admit that you choose to put your own personal faith in the underdog for your own personal reasons and excuse yourself from the arena of logic. Science and faith can co-exist, but to debate them academically is a waste of everyone’s time.


    Lol…that was easier than your mum.


    I figured I’d end up throwing those 2 cents into this at some point, and it seemed like a good of a place as any – regardless of whether or not it ended up being a troll post.

    Still, the reply’s under your name. Go ahead and chalk that one up.


    What amuses me is that anyone would think its worth commenting in a debate like this. Some people believe in evolution and some people don’t. Which ever side a person is on you will never, or nearly never, convince them the other side is correct and both sides are wrong anyway. Its not even worth having an opinion. Its not even important. But it is funny to see how easy it is to piss Evolutionists off. Its actually easier than pissing Christians off which just illustrates that Darwinism is just another religion. Let people believe what they want they are… Read more »


    titan…psychology major? or just lots of weed? I usually can’t tell the difference…especially with the focus on boning peoples moms.


    Well, I can prove that you are either trolling or an ignorant person who either doesn’t understand science or rejects it outright, and the evidence to my hypothesis is your comment. So, which one is it?


    You’re a dick 🙂


    and apparently you’re retarded, allowing people to just think whatever they want is how the ignorance gets spread, just like religion.the only thing that irritates “evolutionists”(or as normal people would refer to them the educated), is that we give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to your intelligence and you let us down every time.


    “allowing people to just think whatever they want is how the ignorance gets spread”

    I don’t know. It’s like living in Nazi-fucking-Germany around here.

    What’s it like being a narrow minded fundamentalist? Do you get laid much?


    Both the extreme right and the extreme left think evolution is the most evil theory ever devised by the human mind. Oh, sure, the left loves the theory… so long as you don’t try to put it within 10 light years of a human being, because everyone should know that ABSOLUTELY ALL human races are absolutely identical to each other in every possible way (despite the fact that there’s not a single part of the theory of evolution that could possibly support such a preposterous notion). And if you think that survival of the fittest should apply to humans in… Read more »


    You’re mistaking evolution as an explanation for the state of the current biological makeup of the planet, and some kind of “evolution” system for planning things in society. The theory of evolution does not apply itself – it explains the process by which life passes characteristics through generations.

    If you want to argue the pros and cons of eugenics (the political and biological attempt to “perfect” a/the human race) then have at it. But dispute the human element that is applying science to social patterns, not the science that is sitting there, inert and articulated.


    u mad?


    Ah yes, “u mad” is a rather cohesive, well-reasoned and comprehensive response to an argument, and is not at all a banal and childish reaction proving one’s intellectual inferiority.



    U mad…bro?


    You are either too stupid to understand a correction or you’re just a troll. Either way I have spent too much time writing to you.


    There have been fossil riverbeds found that contained dinosaur and human tracks in the same strata, means same mud, more than one of these sites have been vandalized shortly after becoming public.

    I know athiests love being athiest and all, but destroying physical scientific findings is, well, not science.

    I am more interested in truth, than the opinions of small minds that have learned big words.

    You guys do realize that the same argument structure can be used to troll either of you, right?


    Oh would you look at that, those weren’t human tracks at all: www.talkorigins.org/faqs/paluxy.html

    If you are interested in truth, you should perhaps look into these things before you claim them as facts.

    Oh, and it’s spelled “atheist”. How’s that for a big word?


    it’s really embarrassing when my country is like the only place in the civilized world that this is still debated