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    Sounds vaguely familiar. Did the Egyptian guy get a second term?


    In prison?


    Where’s Obama? That’s right, he was at the Ramadan dinner and unavailable for his anti-religion photo-op. Maybe next Ramadan.


    Can’t tell if you’re serious or trolling. Which is too bad, I should be able to tell…


    Ouch! Only Republicans bring their biases into politics because Democrats are pure as the driven snow and act only on the highest ideals and standards. Democrats suck and Republicans blow and pretending it is anything else is delusional.


    Biased propaganda is biased.


    where’s obama?


    If you want to take that analogy further: imagine if the army rolled in to physically take Rick Perry out of office. I hate the guy, but I think I’d be more angry at the military overreach than glad about his ousting. It’s not as simple as this would imply.


    Yeah the picture is liberal propaganda, but there is some truth to it. Both the Democrats and Republicans are pure shit. They both lie out their teeth, break their promises and sell their votes to the highest bidding corporation or special interest group. Neither of them are getting anything accomplished in Washington, and you know who is getting it up the ass sans-lube? The American public. The democrats cling to super liberal ideology, and the republicans are like liberal-light and are not doing anything to promote or pass conservative legislation. So here is my question: Why the hell can’t we… Read more »


    because politicians are interested in one thing…that infinitely increasing eternal paycheck… take that away…and maybe you’ll get some honest ones…you’d still have to police for bribes and actually punish them for taking them though instead of just going “now now, you shouldn’t have done that.”


    @ johnblaze81: Welcome to the world of a moderate Democrat, my friend. I know the Teatards don’t believe there is such a thing but we are out here in force.