gay kids

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    My hope and security is now for this next generation.

    In spite of us, they won’t have our hang-ups, prejudices, hate, intolerance and especially predispositions about who or what anyone else should be or has to be.

    They’ll over come all those that try to shit on their parade.
    Good always wins out.


    And where is my pride parade? My white heterosexual male pride parade? This world is going straight to hell and unfortunately I’m young enough to watch it fall. But I won’t bow down before our socialist oppressors. I’ll die standing tall knowing that I did all I could to save the future generations from bullshit like the one on that picture.


    Look around.
    Your white heterosexual male pride parade is every day.
    And no-one is protesting it.


    Where is your pride parade? Well if you want one then that all begins with you, it only takes one person to start a movement. If people believe in your cause they will follow, if they don’t then maybe they need to be educated but as cliché as it sounds you have to be the change you are looking for.

    As a white heterosexual male I personally think your comment is far to fatalistic. We are a species in our infancy and we are going to make mistakes and continue to grow, there is very little that we do that sets us on a road we cant turn back from.

    Now with all that being said this picture is the sexualization of children linked to an idea they couldn’t possibly understand and I am absolutely against it in any form for any cause.


    Yes, thank you. Exactly.


    D-Minus – See me after class


    Stupidity has a certain charm — ignorance does not.     — Frank Zappa


    So say we all.


    Here is what I don’t get. At the age this kids appear to be, I wasn’t even thinking on kissing girls, nor love, and even less Marriage. I was more into watching cartoons, playing with toys, Driving my older sister crazy, hanging out and play in the park with my friends, etc… Nor I ever met a friend that at that age was thinking about girls (Except maybe formulation a plan to attack her with water balloons). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really give a fuck if people of the same sex get married. My beef is this: isn’t having this kids so young kissing like that and posting the pictures on the internet (of all places) whether they are boy+boy, girl+girl, boy+girl, is giving the pedophiliacs something to “talk” about?


    I agree.
    My old fogey sense tells me these two are too young.
    But given that about 5-10% of kids are sexually active before the age of 14….I dunno…


    I started looking at porn at like 10


    If you grow up to be gay. I’ll take my gun and shoot you down. And i will feel happy, because i follow word of god. Who created man, and a woman. Not man man, woman woman or other shit. But MAN and WOMAN. And you are some kind of malformation who should be “banned” from our paradise in earth.


    Can’t tell if trolling, or uneducated religious zealot that is too indoctrinated with dogma to even care what his own holy book says.


    Stealth Parody.


    So… you talk about the word of God, making a strong stand about the importance of maintaining the purity of Marriage between a man and a woman, but for some reason, when it comes to the homosexuals, the “Thou Shall Not Kill” rule does not count for them. Two points: 1-You just proven to be a Religious Fanatic. 2-If any of your children ever becomes an Homosexual, you are going to have a Very Bad Day.




    This is all to overwhelmingly uninteresting to me.


    Oh!Yes!Yes!I approve of this!!


    I guarantee the parents made them do that


    Not sure about that. Maybe it’s just them, trying to get attention. Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe this is a genius plan to get girls to get close to them(you know, as in “you can trust me. I’m gay. I can be one of the girls”). No different than boys saying “I love Justin Bieber” just to get accepted into the girls groups. Maybe…


    As a parent, I’m shaking my head at this.

    Who lets their kid wear a shirt that alludes to: Fuck Hate?

    Seriously, why let your kid wear a shirt that says FUCK on it?

    Its insensitive to those around us that would be offended by the use of the word. And seriously, its a kid. Why in the hell is he wearing a shirt that says FUCK on it?

    Fail parents are full of fail.


    as a parent, i say:

    There is no such thing as a dirty word, nor is there a word so powerful that it’s going to send the listener to the lake of fire upon hearing it.
         — Frank Zappa


    You have a problem with the f-word?
    That’s your hang-up… really?

    Are you for real?

    Your children are saying it to one another every day or will be when you’re not around – they’ll be viewing the very act itself and more long before you even realise it – welcome to the internet dad/mom.

    Your children will be viewing full-on hard-core porn on their friend’s borrowed Google-glasses during class at school.

    Before your children reach puberty they’ll be having full-on 3D virtual sex with Stephanie Boom-boom LaRue at their best friend’s house after school, 3 times a week.

    Remember the “battle of the hormones” when you were around 14 years old – there is no longer a battle – it’s literally done and over with – if your children can work an iPhone then you don’t stand of chance in hell against what’s coming.

    You can’t possible be this naïve.

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