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    And we all know that if your father does something, it’s just as if you had done it yourself. So if your father does a bad thing, every criticism you’ll ever make of people doing bad things automatically becomes hypocritical.


    it’s called irony , she sees injustice now but has never commented on the injustices her father protected and profited from. celebriries need to shut up about crap they obviously don’t know anything about. if your dad was hitler no one wants to hear your ideas for peace with palestine


    don’t know who he is (will have to google), but so far I like him


    kind of funny when I think about it,I always heard about the “impending race war” from what I thought was racist old white guys, now I realize if one were to happen it would be by the spread of ignorance by those who would rather rule by emotion rather than law. it amazes me how our media is trying to cover up all the racist attacks happening due to the not guilty verdict. but I suppose it is to be expected, when black people get upset handfuls of people get beat,when whitey gets mad houses get burnt down and strange… Read more »