Kaiju Survival Guide

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    This movie sucked big time. Tons of action and still boring as hell.


    The problem with the movie is that Guillermo del Toro is from the same directing school as Tim Burton, ie, they’re very good with visuals but have not a single clue how to do plots or characterization. The difference is that Burton knows he can’t do plot so he doesn’t bother trying, and he lets Johnny Depp improvise all the characterizations by himself. Del Toro tries to do plots and characterization but they both fall so flat they nearly kill all his movies. Sure, the visuals are stunning, but the characters are so flat and lifeless and the plots so… Read more »


    characterization? who the fuck wanted that? i wasnt even listening to them. this is what i saw.
    1. giant bright blue-trimmed ape monster fuckin everyone with his EMP blast.
    2. gipsy danger smacking that poison spitting monster with an ocean liner like it was a baseball bat.
    3. that one monster suddenly grow wings, drags gipsy thru a dozen buildings, only to be sliced in half by a giant chain saw.

    i dont know what fuckin movie you went to.

    Dyon 86

    So it a bit of a Godzilla/Cloverfield/Transformers kinda mash up, they were full of characterization weren’t they.