A War on What?

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It’s good to have perspective.

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    Just like this post is a War on Humor.


    I propose a war on Christmas.


    And just like Caligula didn’t make a war on Poseidon. Whoops. It’s pop culture taken from a tv show taken from an ancient work of fiction. The book basically was “Caligula’s so crazy” “how crazy was he?”


    or a War on Privacy


    You mean Obama’s war(s) on: (1)Privacy (2)Freedom of the Press (Fox News and other news outlets reporters having warrant-less wire taps, emails scans, not to mention the cloak room in the capital where congress meets and where calls to the media are often made) (3)Capitalism (4)Race Relations (5)Class Wars (6)Public privacy (See drone program, and NSA Scandals) (7)Political opposition (See I.R.S. targeting conservative groups) (8)Personal physical privacy (T.S.A. screeners repeatedly caught groping women & children, not to mention repeated instances of thefts of property from luggage by the screeners. All of that and the libtards still defend that piece of… Read more »


    it’s such a laugh to watch the rednecks pretend that all that shit didn’t happen under Nixon, Regan, Bush 1&2.
    Obama’s just got better tech, that’s all.

    Even funnier when they talk about Fox as “press”


    Yeah, the red staters do have short memories – They forget that Obamacare and the dreaded “individual mandate” were originally called the “Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act (HEART)” and written by Republicans in 1993. A modified version was first signed into law by a Republican Governor. In 1994 Republican Senator Don Nickles introduced the “Consumer Choice Health Security Act” which also contained an individual mandate with a penalty provision The drone program was started in Vietnam by Nixon in 1973. He used it against the Viet Cong. NSANet was actually started in 1985 under Regan The TSA was… Read more »


    Can we at least give president Reagan the dignity of spelling his name correctly? I mean, he was one of the worst presidents in history, but he was a nice man and we should do that much for him.


    It’s sad when the fictional event that’s supposed to look humourously futile looks almost sensible next to the other two.


    I’ll get my sword


    Let’s all declare war on arbitrary, abstract concepts, like sunshine


    Caligula was Roman. Poseidon was known to the Romans as Neptune.

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