Waterfall Restraunt

Waterfall Restraunt.jpg

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    the definition of unsanitary.


    why the fuck, would even 1 person down vote this? do you know anything at all about the respiratory system and infection? look at the sign near the filthy kid in the water. the bottom is slippery. that means algae. that means the temperature is warm enough to grow things. things that you can inhale and eat that fall on your fucking food. where is this petri dish? are there any health laws in that country? please don’t tell me it’s America! if you down vote this, it means that you would eat there and that means you are a… Read more »


    because you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about and you need to leave your mothers basement once in a while if you want to understand just how the world works instead of jumping to half baked conclusions based on shitty assumptions gleaned from endless internet browsing


    educate me then genius. what. the. FUCK. is that place? all 3 of my aunts worked for an infectious disease specialist, I know what I’m talking about. C’mon…whatta got smart ass?


    I just looked it up. The PHILIPPINES. Yum yum, open wide, enjoy your Nematoda soufflé with a side of Copepoda, you fucking asshole.


    educating you is clearly a full time gig
    i charge seventy five dollars an hour
    in your case the twat tax brings it to five hundred an hour
    of course being raised by batshit crazy germophobe aunts explains a lot about you
    why dont you ask them next time they change your feeding tube

    fuck off and die already
    not a single person here likes you


    thanks i was looking for the souce of the pic, coz u know thats really interesting instead of some talk bout health care who no one asks for, also somehow related: it cant be healthy to get SO angry about being downrated in posts, but maybe your aunts will know more about it, the angry part, not the “being trolled by myself part”


    youre right. letting out anger is very healthy. here ya go. fuck you.

    Black Manta



    ya know what? I’m sorry I said that. I’m sorry I said anything. It’s obvious that you have tuff guy behind the keyboard syndrome, and there’s no winning an argument with you since you are incapable of being serious for one moment. My posts attempted to educate with medical facts, and even personal info about myself, while yours were full of sarcasm, insults and name calling. I should have known better. It’s always the anonymous guys that are the bravest. Anyway, I won’t check this again, I just wanted you to know that you might be funny, and people are… Read more »