my name is ralph and this is my face of atheism

my name is ralph and this is my face of atheism.jpg

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    shitty repost is shitty


    agreed. although the uni-brow, untrimmed mustache, nose hair and crooked glasses still strike me as ironic that he’s a fan of Darwinism.


    All this does is point out that Darwinism is another stupid human-invented religion followed by narrow minded fanatics. And now watch all the fundies down-vote this is retaliation to this attack on their religious beliefs…I bet they even offer up ‘proof’.


    Ahh so you got banned from /r/atheism so now you gotta troll here eh?


    Did someone change the definition of trolling? I mean I do like to take the piss and I come here mostly for laughs…I mean its just a fucking image board…but this is not me trolling…its someone having an opinion that is different from the vast majority. I guess trolling now means having an unpopular opinion.


    I think it’s been dumbed down to mean any sort of posting that you don’t like.


    I think basically you’re fine if you’re a pro-gun, Doctor Who loving, atheist…so you know…that’s cool.


    shit, I’ve got guns and a brain but the dr who is where you lose me, damn and i was sooo close.


    The face of atheism is a shitty neck beard and unibrows?

    He’s right he IS the face of “atheism” because he’s a fat fucking half wit loser scared of the real world who contributes nothing, can’t spell worth a damn, has no value to anyone, and will not stop whining and bitching so he can get attention and feel validated. Nice post, you ass faced social throw away but there is no ‘fight back’ there’s just regular, capable people getting tired of even having to hear the whining from pieces of shit like this and fucking well taking their precious videogames away until they learn to shut the fuck up and… Read more »


    Were you not hugged as a child?


    What you have to love about Maggie is how he can call someone a loser and come off as an even bigger loser doing it.


    Unless you live in the real world, where the correlation is in favour of the irreligious in almost every factor of quality of life.

    The atheists aren’t big fans of Ralph either.


    I think it’s funny that you, maggie, big anti-evolution guy, judges another dude by reproductive fitness.


    I liked this bit the best

    “and will not stop whining and bitching so he can get attention and feel validated.”


    irony is a cruel mistress


    Is the joke, “…Live in a WORD governed..” or the word, “neanderthols” instead of the correct spelling, Neanderthals? Is this just a anti-evolutionist taking a piss at atheists?