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I’m pretty sure the Avengers movie itself claims that there was something like $160 billion in property damage that they failed to save despite being 6 of them (well, 4 heroes, a useless archer and a girl with a tiny gun the size of a twinkie). And since the invading alien army wasn’t just sitting around playing Angry Birds while they waited for the Deus ex machina to save the day, I’m pretty sure there were a metric fuck-ton of deaths as well. Both movies did a pretty lousy job pretending that you can demolish half a city and all… Read more »


Next Superman line:

So I guess the whole lot of you put together aren’t that fast?


i don’t like this comparison. talk about apples and oranges. 6 avengers fought a whole army, true. but they were “normal”, if you will. all they had were flyers and guns. superman only fought 3 guys sure, but they were 3 “supermen”! what would have happened if the avengers had to fight 6 hulks?