Sith lord

Sith lord.jpg

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    I’m gonna fuck you up, you hear me? See that shit? I got mooves, mothercucker! I can weild this fucker around like nobody’s bus – ARRRGHGHHH!!! FUCK! What the…. Why the fuck did I decide to wear drapes fer Chrissakes? What kind of fucking idiot costume is this? That’s the last time I come to a fight dressing for a fashion show. Who the fuuuuu…. Aw Jesus. Could someone call me an ambulance?


    This is not a sith lord.

    Sith Lords are not gay.


    Too much of that witch, from one of Disney’s movies.


    I think that’s a Sith Lady. No, Sith Lord. No, Sith Lady. No, it’s a just a Dark Side Thing