if you dont think education matters

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    You do know “Political science” is an oxymoron, right? And about as useful for the real world as “Liberal arts”, “English literature”, and “Women’s studies”. But it’s a great thing she continued filling her head with someone else’s ideas instead of having ideas of her own, that’s how all good liberals are born.


    this message brought to you by a high school dropout


    I was reading you riposte and then I realized that I was filling my head with your ideas so I stopped… god forbid, I should suddenly and instantaneously become a good liberal by reading words or giving into your ideas and half-ass philosophies. I know this may come as a shock to you, but education in basic terms is a process built on the knowledge of trial and error of those that have gone before us. Passing onto us what is fact from what is simply theory or fiction. The very basic act of being able to read and write… Read more »


    There’s something to be said regarding how college does a wonderful job of peer pressure and (while I wouldn’t call it ‘brainwashing’, it’s close) pushing young and impressionable minds in a certain direction. That direction, when it comes to entering the media world, is *very* Liberal by nature.

    So, when you say “college graduate”, do you also mean “Liberally indoctrinated”? Because, they go hand in hand.

    Also, as a side note: college does NOT equate intelligence.


    Does too equate intelligence! George W. Bush has a BA and an MBA, and was able to hold arguably the most powerful position in the world no one ever accused HIM of being dumb!


    And he had better grades than Al Gore who attended the same undergrad school at approximately so the same time.


    Maybe we shouldn’t get our operating systems from dropouts either, but then we wouldn’t be using Windows.


    Never confuse education with intelligence. Particularly higher education, which has become nothing more than a test of one’s ability to parrot what one has been spoon fed. And the feeders have a distinct bias, particularly in the soft social sciences.

    And you are reading this from someone with 5 college, graduate and professional degrees.


    Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both college dropouts. Your list is invalid.


    Outliers do not disproof of diddly or squat.


    Bloody hell, that sentence went sideways part way through. Let’s try again: Outliers are not disproof of diddly or squat.


    Given the easily demonstrable fact that the listed dropouts are all commercially successful and the college graduate is at the rock bottom of the ratings – you could reword this to indicate that there are those of us who get our news from proven leaders in the industry – and you get yours from the loser.


    as I remember, Bullwinkle the moose got good ratings as well.


    Well, he was more entertaining that Maddow so . . .


    Weird how the dropouts are able to provide more complete news and information than the smarmy college grad.


    No idea about Hannity, but do you seriously think that Beck and Limbaugh are providing “news and information”?


    No more than Maddow.


    She’s a bulldyke liberal lying cunt. Just because you went to college doesn’t mean you know shit or are successfully capable of anything. PS … Bill Gates was also a college dropout. Seems like he’s in good company.


    go jerk off to oreilly brainless


    Madcow is an idiot and educated above her ability to understand.


    newsflash: neither one of these people bring “news” to you. eat my ass.


    BTW, Peter Jennings, the award winning TV journalist for ABC was a high school dropout. He anchored their news for nearly 25 years.