I’m not racist but

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    Yes! Because everyone knows that if you say anything even slightly negative about a group of people with more than 10 members, it’s clearly because you’re an evil racist monster.

    Unless you’re insulting white people. Or rich people. In which case, just go ahead and knock yourself silly. Every bleeding-heart liberal (most of whom are white and/or rich) will think you’re a wonderful person.


    And you know the Trayvon Martin case was self defense, sure.


    Well wasn’t it? If you suckerpunch a guy you have to be ready for repercussions, which in this case was a bullet.


    You live in a country where the gun is worth more than words, you have to think about it.


    It’s funny because you are exactly the person this is directed at! God forbid you are asked to take a moment to ponder your subconscious motivations.


    Hopefully you’ll feel less insecure after puberty.

    Comander Taco

    Or god forbid that someone actually notices something that is a racial stereotype.

    For example I have a friend who works at a fast food restaurant. He found it odd that a majority of the black customers would order “Orange Drank” and ask for extra “mayo-nasye.” He also found it odd that most the black and Latino customers spoke very poor English.

    This observation was made by a black man from Trinidad working to help pay his tuition.


    Nowadays you don’t even have to say negative stuff. It’s enough that you point out differences between races, nations etc.


    Which is sad.


    I don’t see why everyone was so worked up about this trial. A neighborhood watch guy sees a person dressed to conceal themselves at night in an area that has been repeatedly hit by burglaries and vandalism. He follows, calls the cops and is confronted by that same suspicious person. The person then physically attcks him, knocks him to the ground, straddles him (not at all attempting to get away or leave the situation) and starts beating his ass, including slamming his head against a concrete curbe. The person getting his ass beat, pulls out his lawfully carried (and permitted)… Read more »


    He wasn’t “confronted by that person”. He left his car and *followed* the boy while threatening him. There is only Zimmermans word on what happened before the shot. There’s conflicting statements from many witnesses that both support and completely contradict his account. The fact is, we don’t know if Zimmerman attacked and it was Trayvon who lashed out in self defense, or Zimmerman who was attacked and shot out of self defense. I can tell you right now that if I saw a guy running after me, with a gun, I would do my best to beat the shit out… Read more »


    i’m not racist.. but fuck the niggers