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    I heard the defense had an animated depiction of the events as they happened which clearly show no criminal culpability for Mr. Zimmerman but the honorable Debra dumbbitchstupidfuck ordered is suppressed. I think this is good enough to explain the events of what happend but I think it would be better if it went back further to include numerous instances of this kid fighting where he was the agressor, text from this kid trying to buy a gun or sell a gun that he had stolen, the incident where he was caught with stolen womens jewelry and burglars tools ,… Read more »


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    Until your reply I wasn’t sure what color I was or even if it mattered. My entire life I could have sworn I was ARYAN. Both my parents are white. But I guess my belief that Zimmerman is innocent of any crime but still happens to be an asshole make me a nigger then fine. I guess ill have to call the credit bureau and have the drop my score and start taking up smooth jazz and basketball. but wait,,, there is one other possibility; you could just be an ignorant fuckhead who dosn’t know how to read or can… Read more »


    i said shut up


    Trolled much?