How to Make A Man from $30,000 of Comics


I am fascinated with mythical characters so super heroes are just a natural progression with this. I found a box full of old comic books so it seemed obvious to me to make a paper mâché figure using them.

via How to Artfully Ruin $30,000 of Comics – Topless Robot – Nerd news, humor and self-loathing..


This makes me very sad.  He also goes on to say that he doesn’t really value money so it doesn’t really affect him that he ruined such priceless items.

Is there no hope for the world?

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    Why is it I can never find stacks of valuable comics in skips? Always dead prostitutes 🙁


    “is there no hope for the world?” I am sure someone is saying that about your opinion. This is technically still art.


    By your logic, is it okay if someone made a hat out of the original Mona Lisa and called it art?

    No. Bullshit like this isn’t art. Making a half-assed mannequin out of valuable collectibles is just plain stupid. Seriously, fuck the lazy, talentless, pretentious wankers who make things like this and claim it’s art.


    Modern art is the ability to bullshit. There is no artistic talent in it.