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    tiki god

    I prefer DD-MM-YYYY

    Kik Dogg

    I got you covered


    I’m an American, and I SO wish we’d switch over to the metric system. The system we have sucks, for all the reasons (and more) that the graphs above show.


    Become an archaeologist. they live the metric system.

    Also, I prefer…


    You’ve not known trouble until you’ve had guys marking their work on December 10 as 12-10, and guys marking their October work as 12-10, and some guy in the Lab who reads Unit 111 as Unit 3… an someone dug unit 3 on 11-12.

    Abbreviate the month in three letters…


    In a database/memory it’s not that simple though.


    International Standard format (also what computers use) is YYYY-MM-DD


    This is what’s up. Aesthetic, ordered increments from largest to smallest, and it alphanumerically sorts on a computer in a way that’s useful.


    Fahrenheit is a human based scale.
    Zero is a very cold day.
    100 is a very hot day.

    Not good for science, but not bad for talking about the weather…..


    I seem to remember 0ºF being the melting point of a mixture of equal parts water, alcohol and something else? I only heard it once, in class, over 10 years ago (and I’m metric).


    I don’t know either one…I just wing everything.


    Fahrenheit is based on the freezing point of salt water. You know the most abundant form of water on Earth.


    Riiiiight. The freezing point of salt water. So logical! Daniel Fahrenheit’s just took some obscure Danish dude’s scale that had the freezing point of brine (how briney, by the way?) as zero, and had the boiling point of water as 60. Why? Fuck you, that’s why! Then he multiplied each value by four. Why four? Some say it had to do with increasing the granularity of the scale. Others thought it might be an homage to the four humours. Personally, I think the answer to this can also be found in “fuck you, that’s why”. Which, coincidentally enough, is the reason he decided to recalibrate the scale so that the melting point of ice would be 32 instead of 30 (those pesky round numbers, so tricky to remember!) and body temperature would be 96 instead of 90 (did he perhaps find 96 to be a more pleasing number to his secretly poetic soul? We’ll never know, but fuck you at any rate.) Why yes, Daniel Fahrenheit’s scale is perfectly logical and simplicity itself. Oh sure, you might nitpick about Celsius supposedly being more straightfoward, but no other scale can possibly capture that American spirit of “fuck you” nearly as well. Fuck you.



    Well, America won its freedom, independence, from “Teh Evil Redcoats”, so there was a need for “shedding the old”, being “original”, etc.


    On second thought – wasn’t Great Britain using pounds, inches, and shit ?


    Yes, it was, and it is. A departure from the “old world values” would have been to adopt the metric system, but they thought sticking to the Imperial system was good enough.


    They do, but they are in the process of introducing the metric system.

    “As of 2012, metrication in the United Kingdom remains partial – most of government, industry and commerce use metric units, but imperial units are officially used to specify journey distances, vehicle speeds and the sizes of returnable milk containers, beer and cider glasses and are often used informally to describe body measurements and vehicle fuel economy. At school, the use of metric units is the norm, though pupils are taught rough metric equivalents of those imperial units still in daily use.”

    So, the only countries left clinging to non-metric measurement are the US, Liberia and Burma. I wonder if there’s a trophy for the last one standing?


    Yeah, that would have been nice…but the US kept the Imperial measurement system it inherited from the UK.
    An original measurement system would have been to base everything off of the founding fathers’ genitalia. Imagine having to figure out the conversion for meters to washingtondongs…or how many franklinballs are in a kilogram.



    Only MMO I ever played used that…


    People come to correct the poor simple-minded Americans, but then they stay – for the liberty, the opportunity, the technology, the innovation, the culture. (this is where the screaming starts – but what’s on your t-shirt, your TV, your iPod?)

    (signed A Canadian)


    I’ll happily take your products – made by a chinese sweat shop, if I can find no better on the market. I may even holiday there. But I will not stay. Not for the so called “liberty”, opportunity, and definitely not the culture…

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