Spy on half the world…

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    Welcome to America…the land of the ignorant and the stupid with nothing better to do!

    War Horse

    It’s all driven by the media. They’re in bed with the govt, so of course they’ll try their best to distract you with the latest happenings of the Kardashians or some other junk. Of course the public is to blame as well. In age of the Internet the information is there, we’re just all to happy to be spoon fed what we should care about by major news organizations and the like. Sad really.


    Nobody cares because it’s old news- the US. the Russians, the Brits, the Germans-they’ve been spying on anyone they can for 50 years. Ever see a James Bond movie?


    Welcome to MyConfinedSpace – Your source for high minded intellectual discourse on the events of today.
    Now about that Kardashian booty…