Cute Raccoon

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An adorable and affectionate raccoon, unlike some others that we know

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    apparently you never had to choke someone


    He’s clearly thinking, “Well, aren’t you a pretty kitty? I’m going to enjoy eating you!”


    Raccoons are evil bastards who consider kittens, puppies, baby ducklings and bunnies to be a great delicacy. Last Summer, my neighbor caught a large raccoon trying to get into his little girl’s nursery. The raccoon ignored several attempts to scare it off and just kept picking at the window. It actually seemed surprised when I opened up with my pistol.


    Let me get this straight…
    Your neighbour was scared for his daughters safety, but rather than hit it with a club/stick or whatever, he thought it was more prudent to have you fire a pistol at it whilst it was child’s window?
    I take it you were both smart enough to remove the kid from the vicinity?


    They are evil because they eat “cute” animals? You know who else considers bunnies and ducklings a delicacy? Cats and dogs. Better buy more ammo.


    raccoons eat small animals? as far as i know all they eat is my fucking trash, which is ok i suppose. they’re cute.


    Raccoon’s don’t have saliva glands, so their mouths harbor lots of bacteria. That’s why you see them dunking food in water when they eat. And, that’s why you don’t want to ever get bitten by one.

    I had an all night stand-off with a batch of raccoons while camping at Sand Point in Washington. They were relentless. Two of them got into a fight in a tree above our tents. The sound was like rabid wolverines. They get really loud.