Knock Knock

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Who’s there?

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    tiki god

    I have no idea what this joke is about, but rest assured that he’s going to be acquitted for the false charges that have been pressed against him.

    After he’s rightfully freed and the niggers riot we open fire on them and call it ‘Night of 1000 dead little Trayons’
    THAT is justice.

    Amen brother


    Zimmerman’s attorney started his opening arguments with a knock-knock joke.

    Who’s there?
    George Zimmerman.
    George Zimmerman who?
    Ah, good. You’re on the jury.

    tiki god

    Ah thanks, I hadn’t gotten to hearing particular bit of insanity.

    How did he think that was a good idea?


    Maybe he thought he should just get it out there–everyone already knows the main facts of this case, and finding people who don’t yet have a solidified opinion have to be extremely obtuse or never watch/listen/read the news.

    Certainly not a winning strategy. Given that stand-your-ground was the law of the land at the time, Zimmerman stands a good chance of walking free. Given everything else (the media, his lawyers, his own lying to the judge), I give it a 50/50 either way.


    Just like OJ, this guy is also innocent!!!
    Read it and weep… ACQUITTAL ALSO!


    he’s definitely innocent. martin thought he was a tough guy.. had swag/yolo shit going on. well, yolo it is. i would’ve done the same damn thing if he jumped me.