Gordon Ramsay

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He’s gonna kill your children’s pets and eat them.

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    I hate the way this twat speaks to people. I would love to punch him in his cunty Limey mouth.


    lol right like he couldn’t totally school you


    In the kitchen he could completely school me. No doubt about it. That doesn’t make him any less of a twat.


    bet he could kick your ass anywhere else too


    It would be fun to test your theory though. Unfortunately the reality is that match up would never happen.


    fortunate for you though


    I don’t have a problem with losing a fight. 😉


    Firstly he’s Scots
    Secondly he played for Rangers, which leads me to..
    As already stated he would kick you’re mouthy arse all over, and then serve it to you well done.


    I thought he was a Brit this whole time. Honestly Opinion of the guy just went way up. So my bad. Thank you for educating me to that fact. His very limited prior affiliation with a Football Club in the mid 80’s doesn’t speak volumes to his abilities close to 30 years later. I won’t list my cred because it’s fairly moot as its not like we will be scrapping anytime soon anyway,. Like I said previously though, now that I know he isn’t a Brit it kinda makes me hate the guy way less. I just dislike when people… Read more »


    Right, a Brit is someone from the British Isles, this includes everyone from the Welsh, Ulstermen and Scots to Englishmen.

    It seems you’re rather confused as to the whole nationality thing, its also rather worrying that you are a self affirmed racist.

    May I ask what drove you to your hatred of England and it indigenous peoples?


    SO we are on the same page, I know you know a racist is someone who hates someone of another race not national origin. I am Caucasian. He is Caucasian. That’s not racism. Would the correct term be xenophobe? Honestly I’m not sure. I am aware that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom as is Northern Ireland. I misspoke, or rather didn’t really think before opening my fat mouth. To be honest with you I was just kinda being a twat myself. I don’t “hate” the English People as much as I really have a distaste for what the… Read more »


    Look I have no idea what is going on in your head, but I would like to point out that “disliking” the English for what the British Government, or in earlier times the Sovereign, has or has not done is exactly the kind of attitude that hasn’t let the rift heal in Ulster. So you’re Irish, is that an actual Irishman or a plastic paddy? I ask as I am half Irish, and when I say half that means one of my parents was born and raised in Eire. So I too have family directly affected by the UK. All… Read more »


    Actual Irishman. I thought I clarified or at least tried to in my previous statement that it was in fact the English Government that I do have the issue with. Not the People. Me saying limey was over the top and uncalled for. “To be honest with you I was just kinda being a twat myself. I don’t “hate” the English People as much as I really have a distaste for what the British government has done historically.” Sometimes my temper gets the best of me. You are 100% correct there are good and bad people everywhere. To take it… Read more »


    actually, it’s my impression that gordon ramsay will kill your childrens’ pets and then force you to eat them, with a white wine sauce, shallots and chard…


    But it would be DELICIOUS.


    I despise shoes like his, they are pointless. There is nothing interesting in them to anyone I know.