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Fancy gentleman, with very fine hat, that sold out his own son to the Borg.
+ the first image is sort of familiar, and I didn’t watch any Doctor Who.
Do I geek ?


I don’t see how I’m not a geek for not knowing the name of a guy who just guest stars in everything.


you’re not a geek because you don’t know it’s called being a “character actor”


I love how these days everyone wants to be a geek. When I was at school being a geek was about the worst thing a person could do if they wanted any kind of decent social standing. And…watching tv makes you about as much of a geek as those chavy cunts I see running around town in tops that say ‘GEEK’ or ‘NERD’ on them.


1) i do not know who that man is, because for the past 35 years i have not owned a television. simply put, i do not even care who that man is.

2) i will NOT turn in my geek card, because i had it before it was “fashionable”, and, in fact, had it while you NORMAL people thought being a “geek” was the next best thing to sewage.


haven’t had a tv since ’78, lot of prime geek stuff you’d have missed in 35 years, of course many believe a computer is just a super tv.


You probably won’t believe this, but I haven’t had a TV since 1910.


in this conversation tv doesn’t mean transvestite


For Godsake, people. It’s Mark Sheppard, son of W. Morgan Sheppard. Both of them have been in… well… EVERYTHING!


haha , ocd much?


Ha! “You’re a geek!” “You’re not a geek.” You want to know if you’re a geek? You have a job in the carnival biting the heads of chickens. Otherwise who cares what you are. Definitions are not inclusive, they’re exclusive.