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    What? Where’s the crescent & star, the mark of the beast, and the picture of him barbecuing a puppy? I wish they would all get together and consolidate their conspiracy theories into something magnificently stupid.


    I think that reality of the recent weeks, beat some of the conspiracy theories juuust fine.

    Moddy Cassem

    Also: not enough gaysezzx.

    Moddy Cassem

    I think they already did that, it’s called The Tea Party.

    :ba-DA TISSSHHH:


    Just as ‘they’ all ‘got together’ and unified their theories against Bush? That was magnificently sensible?
    I kind of get this one. Sometimes obies like the nazis consolidating power, but then he does something more like marxists taking over.


    Who said anything about Bush? I believe conspiracy theories in general to be quite stupid. Political enemies take their own fears and project them on the other side magnified X1000. That’s how it works — all sides have some good and some bad, no side is completely right, and the majority of people are all too willing to at least go along with (if not completely believe) anything that supports their own ideology.


    Communist AND Nazi? You never read about WWII in school, did you?

    Or as I suspect you’re just throwing out anything negative you can think of and hoping something will stick.
    BTW – “Presidential Seal” is two words, not one. Not that we’d expect someone with your level of education to know that.


    We get slammed with Case Mod posts, and it’s a mystery why submissions from other folks go down. People said very clearly they were going to take a break from the site and also said hopefully when the get back the ridiculousness would have ended.


    I can get shit like this at Free Republic, IF I WANTED SHIT LIKE THIS! Seriously Tiki. Cut this crap out, or I’m gone. There’s no point in coming here if this is all you have to offer. I used to recommend this site. Not anymore.

    tiki god

    I miss the days when people would submit stuff and not bitch like little cunts every time someone posted something they didn’t agree with.




    I blame Bush.


    I blame Grover Cleaveland.

    Yeah, that was just as funny back in the day and still just as lame.


    Kind of funny suggesting that everything one needs to know about WW2 can be had ‘in school’. K-12? Then going on to take a dump in the dark on a poster’s education. The biggest differences between communism and fascism were 1. sartorial – fascists are spiffier dressers, 2. focus – fascists are national, commies internationale – in fact the buggers have a song about it!, 3. fascists = state control of industry, commies = state ownership. As for membership – they both target the same demographic.


    “As for membership – they both target the same demographic”….you mean the whole population? just like EVERY form of government?..and use the reply button when replying to someone’s comment,you seem like someone standing 100yards away trying to be part of a conversation.


    The disaffected, the unemployed, those inclined to class struggle, like that. An Italian communist exulted in the similarities: “first black – then red!” seeing fascists as eventual recruits. But hey – whatever keeps it the most simple for you. And gee – I try – but if only I could converse with the legends … such as yourself apparently.


    of all the points raised you address one?


    Oh please, not more of this shit.
    Someone email me when it’s over…