Scientology illustrated history

scientology_illustrated_history.gif (958 KB)

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    I am no expert in rocket technology but I don’t think rockets can reach light speeds. Other than that it kind of makes sense


    you would think that.


    It’s not really fair to say “This is what Scientologists believe” when the majority of them aren’t meant to know this stuff. It’s probably even less so when the people who do know it likely don’t believe in it, but just use it as an excuse to make money.


    You’re probably correct in your assessment.
    I have some bottle of “elixirs” gathering dust in my basement… they came into my possession by a special visitor that came to me while I was in University.
    These are so precious but I need the space down there for extra storage… I’m letting each bottle go for $89.99.

    Hey, this starting a religion shit is great… if this takes-off – I’ll be a millionaire in 2 years. Thank you L. Ron!


    weak minds begging to be led by the leash