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“A free people ought to be armed” – George Washington

Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, Mao Tze Tung, Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot did not share George’s views on gun ownership.

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    washington only keeped guns to keep the blacks in place, those were the days


    “free men own guns, slaves don’t”
    “A free people ought to be armed” – George Washington (slave owner)

    You really have to see the irony of putting both of these in the same post…


    you mean you consider blacks people?



    All those guns sure kept those unarmed slaves in place. That is why we still have slavery today.


    I wish I had known that BEFORE I cast my vote for Pol Pot


    I thought Hitler loosened the Weimar Republic’s strict gun control laws?


    Not for the people he wanted to kill.


    He merely made those people non-citizens. He did nothing to restrict the gun rights of citizens.

    /not saying what he did was right by any means
    //way to Godwin the debate right outta the gate


    Same difference.


    Actually, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, Mao Tze Tung, Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot DID share George’s views on gun ownership – they just didn’t like free people as much as George.


    Americans are obsessed with something the rest of the ‘free world’ isn’t really bothered about.

    This tells you more about America than it does about gun control.


    Some Americans still believe in freedom while others are like the rest of the “free world” who have blind faith in their government to do the right thing and not violate their rights or violate them only a little bit at a time so that they don’t mind so much, get used to the violations, and accept becoming property of the State. Enjoy being a serf.


    And you actually think guns are stopping your government violating your rights? Go ahead and shoot a politician, that’s what you say need a gun for, see where that gets you.


    oh so that means i have to sit around and just accept it? good one. fucking serf.


    hokay imaginary freedom fighter lolololol


    Why is there such a consistent match-up between wanting to be free to own guns, while wanting to restrict the rights of women to have abortions, the rights to homosexuals to be married, and the rights of people to put whatever chemicals into their bodies that they want? In no country in the world are as many people the “property of the state” as in the US, where the companies that run the prisons throw wads of money at politicians to ensure that the laws keep as many people imprisoned as possible. This status quo is one that the pro-gun… Read more »

    The King of Nothing

    Damn it. Could not be silent. The first pic is completely wrong. A lot more people fear easily concealed guns. People that understand how horrible human beings can be especially with the feeling of power. I am not a criminal or a politician and I fear this. Having my own gun wouldn’t make me feel any safer either. Second pic isn’t quite accurate either. I’m a free man and I don’t own a gun. I have no need to. Last pic…seems to be implying that having a gun and/or being able to shoot people is some sort of freedom of… Read more »

    Robert Spam

    I don’t need guns because I’m not a pussy.


    indeed you are a pussy because you’re afraid of guns. fucking faggot.

    Robert Spam

    First off, not a faggot. Second, not afraid of guns.

    I said I don’t need guns. Didn’t say I didn’t own them.

    Got a couple of pumps, .30 carbine, .22 rifles, couple of 9mm, a .380, and .38cal.

    Working on getting the long guns sold and will destroy the hand guns.

    Have a nice day…..