Trigger Discipline

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    And the baby’s probably got a broken nose/cracked cheekbone from the recoil.


    but on the plus side, no more bedtime

    Moddy Cassem

    And not a single fuck was given.


    Who the hell would just sit there filming this?


    not my gun, not my kid, I’ll hold the camera for ya!


    Here’s the video it’s from:



    Try again:



    Where’s the freaking edit function gone.


    And people think owning guns is a good thing…fucking retarted Yanks.

    Erro 409

    Are you stupid enough to give a loaded gun to a child? He shoots you. Problem solved.


    Guns are never the problem. Having a retard for a Gun owner, is. Like , oh, I don’t know… For example: Letting a kid play with a real gun. Who is to blame? The Kid? Nope, He is just playing, he don’t know the difference. The Gun? Why? Gun is an inanimate object. The retard that let the kid play with a loaded gun? BINGO!! I guess this is God’s will to happen.


    Happened in Syria.


    Where there are even laxer gun control laws.


    Could have easily been my neighborhood in East LA where I grew up… come to think of it – It is my hood!!!


    Idiots are the roots of all evil. Not the kid, not the gun and not the guy holding the camera (unless he gave the gun to the kid). You don’t blame the car nor booze for drunk driving do you?


    Love it. This kid will be able to say he killed a man when he was just 18… months. He’s going to rule daycare.


    oh my god that’s terrible
    he is just a child, this is horrible…cant believe some of the insensitive comments here what wrong with you people???


    Here’s my gun… there’s a bullet stuck in the barrel.
    Here’s a little stick.
    Try and see if you can get it out.
    No really?
    Go on… look down in there.
    See if it’s still in there.

    Americans… they’re such fun entertainment… all those fucking guns – what could possibly go wrong?


    a human being just DIED in front of us dude….this is not the time for cruel humor or clever puns. are you people so desperately wants a thumbs up that you will forgo your humanity?


    what humanity? you have no proof he died and if you’re dumb enough to hand a kid a loaded gun you deserve to get shot.


    Dude, no-one died in front of us. A screen in front of us showed a few seconds of footage where a guy got shot, and presumably died, though not instantly.

    Also, is the world a better place or not? I mean, an idiot has died due to his idiocy, so there’s one less idiot in the world. On the other hand, he’s already reproduced… Let’s hope the kid takes after his mother.


    not america retard , it’s the middle east where they aloow guns to be past around at weddings, this is syria.


    Now THIS is what we should be seeing more of. I bet daddy tried to take that gun off him two minutes earlier. THIS is what you do to someone who tries to take away your God given right to bear arms – no matter your race, gender or age! Good on ya kid! Guns for everyone!!!

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