german tanks


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    tiki god

    these are some bitchin tanks, but I have to wonder why some of turrets are so far back on them


    You need to retain as much of the upper deck as possible so you can have hatches for crew access, maintenance, and reload/refuel access.If you center the turret, then you leave minimal upper surface. Most tanks are heavy in the rear portion, but that’s not exactly a problem for most tanks. The Maus underpowered, and would have most likely spent the majority of its time mired in mud.


    in most cases its due to where the engine is located. The Ferdi/Elefant for example the engine and final drive are located in the front. crew space had to be shifted back. if you look at a M4 Sherman series of tanks, the engine is in the rear, but the final drive is located in the front and a drive shaft connects the two. this design makes the sherman overly tall compared to the german tanks…easier to spot an american tank, but ours were more robust, more simple of a design….soviet tanks were even more simple, but their medium tanks… Read more »


    Number 23 in ‘Reasons why Hitler was a terrible war leader’: spent his national resources trying to build better tanks instead of simply trying to build more.