obama and bush

George W. Bush, Barack Obama

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    It’s Bush’s fault.


    They both: (1) Have dealt with natural disasters. (2) Have dealt with acts of terror on American soil. (3) Have enacted controversial laws. (4) Have dealt with an active war with Americans losing their lives or loved ones. (5) Have been elected to two terms. (6) Have been loved and hated by different sides of the press. “Liberal and Conservative” (7) Have dealt with an ever growing national debt. (8) Have dealt with runaway medical costs & an aging and overweight population. One guy has said that he did the best he could and understands that allot of people loved… Read more »


    (1) Dealing with a natural disaster and knowing how to are two entire manners (hint: remember FEMA and “Brownie, you’re doing a helluva job!) (2) One ignored 52 separate warnings prior to the greatest terror attack on American soil and then made 936 false statements that Iraq posed a threat and then went to war with that country (the wrong country!). (3) Violated Geneva Conventions. Renditions, illegal detentions and torture of American citizens. Suspension of Habeas Corpus (hint: It doesn’t get any lower than this. Our country came within a hair’s breath of a full-on dictatorship and all NRA members… Read more »

    Moddy Cassem

    100% THIS!


    Allot: Verb
    To assign as a share or portion.


    Is maith liom turtair.


    “i’ll take it from here, george. watch this..”


    Daa waat? I ain’t gotta clue what youse alla talkin’ abuut.
    Hey Dick, can I hava datta booger?

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