Deathstroke The Raper

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    It should be “the rapist”… and this is quite horrible.


    the raepinator

    tiki god

    guys, rape isn’t funny, and it’s certainly not sexy.


    Delete the pic. It’s your site.


    Yes, you’re right, only murder and child molestation (catholic priest jokes) are funny. Rape is only funny when it’s a man being raped (like in Futurama).


    Yes, Futurama man-rape is totally the same. Your pretty-much-free-of-any-real-threat-of-sexual-violence is totally the same as the lifestyle of women. Those people to whom even in the most industrialized and crime-sterilized nations still face a 25-35% rate of rape at some point in their life. All of that has been invalidated by a cartoon that you have been watching since you were eight. Your wonders of logic astound us!


    I gave it one star, not for the rape joke, but for the crap superhero crap.


    quit cryin bitch you asked for it


    it was consensual and you know it


    your double standard said no
    but your bad grammar said yes


    And you somehow take that as a badge of honor. Nice job misconstruing reality.


    Butthurt much?

    hopefully this makes the site forget about the last theme day


    Next time, can you pussies include the anal penetration scene?

    This soft-core shit is boring me.


    I’d rape the fuck out of her. Is she Zatanna? She must be. Look at that outfit, begging to be magically raped.

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