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I was so surprised by the outrage of the death of Robb….I read the books as they came out, and the red wedding made me think no one was safe.

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    Welcome to the internet… I’ll be your guide.
    The local people have a custom of of stating, in capitol letters “SPOILER ALERT” before revealing plot twists that occur in the most recent season of a popular TV show.


    Saw the episode a week ago myself – doesn’t spoil it for me. But I know a huge number of people that are still a couple of episodes back.
    The King Of The North post could easily be taken as a cool play on the Stark banner… It doesn’t come straight out and say that anyone’s dead. In fact, besides yours, every post I’ve seen so far has had the decency to be vague about what happened, or at least give fair warning.


    “doesn’t spoil it for me”….so you’re bitching on the behalf of those who have said nothing, you’re soooooooooo noble.